Telequip and Enet

Wholesale Parts Networks for Dealers

A valuable resource for Farm & Construction Parts Dealers

Telequip and Enet are two wholesale parts networks that are designed to help farm and construction equipment dealers find and sell parts.

Both networks offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Access to a wide range of parts: Telequip and Enet members deal in a full range of parts for most makes and models of construction and agricultural equipment. This means that dealers can fulfill customer needs, even for older or discontinued models.

  • Improved efficiency: The Allied networks help streamline the process of finding and ordering parts, which saves time and reduces costs for the dealers. Dealers can use the networks to search for parts by make, model, part number, or keyword.

  • Enhanced customer service: By being able to access a wider range of parts, a dealership can better meet the needs of its customers and potentially improve customer satisfaction. For example, if a customer needs a part that the dealership does not have in stock, the dealer can use the network to find the part and have it shipped directly to the customer.

  • Increased sales: Telequip and Enet members receive hundreds of sales leads daily from dealers looking for parts for their customers. This means that dealers have a constant stream of potential customers to sell to.

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities: The Allied networks provide a forum for dealers to share best practices and collaborate on common challenges and issues. This can be a valuable resource for professional development and improving overall performance. Telequip and Enet are proud founding members of the National Tractor Parts Dealers Association (NTPDA) and Used Parts Network Convention (UPN).

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